Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 1

For the actual day of Thanksgiving we went to the Callaway's house with mom. We had such a great time and for me, it was the first T-day in a long time that I spent with extended family! We're always with my immediate family or in Ohio with Chris' so it was very fun to be with different people. I have no pictures of the meal itself but if you want to see some you can go HERE to Christa's blog :) Here are the pictures that I took of the day

Happy Babies!

Kagan, Cadence and Rylee had a great time taking turns riding the motorcycle.

Rylee is a great big cousin and spent lots of time playing with Kagan and Cadence and reading books to them.

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Elizabeth said...

Your Thanksgiving post on Dec. 8th inspires me. :) I still need to write my own...

It's so fun to see Shaun in that outfit that I remember Shae wearing. 3 years goes by in a hurry!!!

Hope all is well with the Andersens!