Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday Party for Jesus!

We had our annual Birthday Party for Jesus last Friday night. It's so fun as Cadence and her friends get older because they're really trying to figure out this whole Jesus thing and are always excited for a party. I know that Cadence LOVES baby Jesus this year and is so excited that it is His birthday. She has a harder time transferring Jesus in the manger to Jesus on the cross but that will come with time. :)

So, for our party we had a mix of old and new friends. All of whom wanted to dress up in princess clothes for the party. So, first and foremost, everyone picked their dress.

We watched Miss Patty Cake (well most of it) and everyone got to open a present just like Miss Patty Cake did.
We then had everyone decorate their own cupcake to eat. It was lots of fun and everyone liked eating the icing (especially Ali)
Then we all lit a candle on our cupcake to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. To watch a video of them singing click HERE

We're so glad it's Jesus' birthday and that something so profound can even appeal to our little girl and her friends. My prayer is that as Cadence gets older that Jesus putting on skin and coming to earth to have a relationship with His creation will impact her not only at Christmas time but for eternity.

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mama said...

So precious! :) Our little girl is so blessed, thank God for her mommy and daddy who love Jesus and are living it before her! What a tradition, a birthday party for our King attended by tiny princesses.... Jesus smiled... :)