Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning

Because I know that blogs are way more about pictures than words - at least this one is - here are pics of Christmas morning. Cadence and Shaun both racked up on the gifts this year! Shaun was pretty much oblivious but Cadence was way into the whole present thing. I loved that all my sisters and their husbands were together at the same time for the second day in a row. We all know that it will be few years before we get to have Christmas together again so we cherished every moment and took the longest amount of time in the history of the Wilson family to do it :)


Luke & April said...

Thank you for taking pictures of Christmas day... as I failed to do :) I can't believe how much stuff they both got!! That is ridiculous!

Elizabeth said...

Ditto April... your kiddos both have a plethora of presents. :) And Shaunie is even less happy about it than baby Shae was 3 years ago. Even if we did take forever to open gifts (which didn't seem as long in my mind as it did in yours) you still captured photos of moments I missed that morning... like Janie eating the ornament. So, thanks!

Elizabeth said...

More thoughts... I love Shae's face as she's hugging her blanket. And a "magical gems" fishing game???? Seriously?!? What's up with that? They'll market anything as "princess" these days. :)