Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've done this week

These words are more for my documenting purposes than your reading enjoyment so don't feel like you have to read it :)

Monday, Nov 16th, when I went to bathe Shaun I noticed a blister on the bottom of his incision from his heart surgery. The home health nurse was coming over so I had her look at it. She called the cardiologist who said for us to watch it for the day and for her to check it again on Tuesday morning. As the day progressed it went from being a watery blister to being filled with puss and really red.

Tuesday morning she came back and sure enough, it was infected. She called the cardiologist again who said to bring him in for them to look at it. We took his pulse/ox levels and they were in the 60's instead of the 80's so I figured that it wasn't looking good for little Shaun. I took Cadence to Jenn's and headed to Winston-Salem with Shaun.

Dr Cook, the cardiologist, looked at it, popped it like a pimple - which was really gross - and said that he needed to be admitted :( We went thru the admissions process and they put us on the 6th floor of Brenners CHildrens Hospital.

Things I'm thankful for in this process:

That I have family close enough to help out with Cadence without thinking twice about being inconvenienced

Nurses who were believers and told me specifically what they were praying for for Shaun.

Sweet friends who clean our house even tho it was DISGUSTING!

the nurses who were so nice and sweet and never left the room without asking if I needed anything

Karen coming to take me shopping

That my windows looked at the helicopter pad so at least there was something to look at as the helicopter came and went

SCC's Beauty Will Rise album that kept me in perspective as I watched our sweet boy have to lay in a hospital bed

Hospital towels that exfoliate your body with their sand paper-like qualities

SCC's song "One Heartbeat at a Time" that reminded me that it wasn't a waste of my time to sit in a hospital room for 6 days straight consoling a baby.

Cadence and that fact that she can go anywhere with anyone and find fun to be had in the situation.


My MRSA education since Shaun tested positive for it
the fact that hospitals have WIFI
maybe that's all for now :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hooray!!! We finally have internet again and now I can comment on your blog... though seriously I gave others a chance to be "first to comment." ;)

I love that you made this list... I think I'm turning into a list lover. And one day it will be so fun for you to look back on all that you had to be thankful for during this crazy week. Your list made me smile over and over... especially the hospital towels! And I'm so glad you have such sweet friends who helped to make the week better for your family. And I'm mostly glad that you and Shaun and Cadence are all back home now.

Love you... liz