Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mountains

This past Friday we went the Blue Ridge Parkway to ride around and see the leaves. The Callaways went with us and we had SO MUCH FUN! It was freezing cold and ended up wet and gross and a major road detour later, I still had a good time - and so did Cadence. The detour was because of a rock slide on the parkway that wasn't on the map when I was looking for fun stuff to do and see and the wet was because of a major storm system that was moving thru the mountains. We're not sure that the boys (Daddy and Shaun) had fun but overall I thought it was a good day.

This waterfall was along our detour route so we got out to hike to it. It was really fun and beautiful.

Here's Cadence playing a game on her Daddy's iPod while we were driving. We are so blessed with a kid who is a good car rider and pretty laid back about the crazy adventures we take her on :)

CLICK HERE to watch a video of her entertaining herself on the drive over to Asheville.


Elizabeth said...

That video was HILARIOUS!!! I love that she sings "little bunny foo foo" and I love seeing the "wheels turn" in her brain as she tries to remember the words and sing along with her music... music that she's listening to with headphones no less! Poof!

I'm so glad you took an Andersen family pic with Shaun in it! So sweet! And as always... your girl has the BEST hair. :)

Luke & April said...

So fun! Thanks for posting pics of her new outfit. I'll send some bows up with mom at Thanksgiving.