Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies!

Pumpkin Cookies have been a tradition in the Wilson house since we were little. There's some debate over exactly when we were introduced to Pumpkin cookies but we know with certainity that the date on the recipe that Mom brought to NC with her was 1986!! So for at least 23 years I have made these cookies every year in the Fall. This year was no exception and it was ever more fun because we got to include Kagan and Adaline in the tradition.

This is how Christa and I roll for our baking/cooking/hiking/folding laundry/pretty much everything these days :)

Decorating the cookies after we baked them - they were very serious about their cookie decorations

Happy babies after decorating and eating cookies :)


Elizabeth said...

WHAT?!? 1986?!? I started kindergarten in 1983... does this mean that I didn't make them at school that year?!? I have distinct memories of measuring ingredients and mixing and baking "something" in that pod outside of the classrooms, but who knows what it was?!? So where is the recipe from? Any thoughts?

These pictures are adorable! Mom had already sent them to me so I've looked at them over and over already, but it's ever so much more fun to see them on your blog. The sling pictures make me smile and I love seeing "real life" with you and Christa. And Cadence's shirt... adorable!

Luke & April said...

I love the pics of you two "baby wearing mamas"! And I can't wait to make pumpkin cookies this year! (Though I am waiting for LG to get home... not near as much fun to make those cookies by yourself.)