Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random pics too cute to not post

This is definitely one of my favorites of Chris and Shaun

Look at our 2 babies each enjoying the play mat 3 years apart :)

Shaun has started smiling in the last few weeks and really responding to the things we say and do. It absolutely melts our hearts. Here are some pics that Mama got of him smiling.

all ready for church! Outfits compliments of Aunt April and Grammie!

I'm still on a quest to get a picture of Cadence holding Shaun where he's not screaming. it just may happen one day :)

Cadence put one of her babies bibs on Shaun

Loving this lollipop that came in a Halloween package from Aunt Debbie aka Kagan's Mimi (kagan's in the pic below)


mama said...

Looks like Kagan and Cadence are having fun playing dress-up, but his daddy is going to kill you! Seeing Cadence as a baby on the playmat really makes me kinda sad that she is such a big girl in just 3 short years!

Elizabeth said...

So many cute pictures! So glad you shared! The expression on Shaun's face in the one where he's wearing Cadence's baby doll bib just cracks me up. :) And I love that he's smiling these days and can't wait to see him smiling at ME! As for Kagan James, his giggle is adorable... I can almost hear it. ;)