Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shae and Shaun

We're still adjusting to Life with Shaun. For the most part he is a sweet boy and just sleeps. The routine of feeding tubes, medicine, pulse/ox readings, etc are getting more natural to us now too. Yesterday was my (Ashleigh) first day at home alone with both kids and it went pretty well. I was completely exhausted by bed time but overall it was a productive day.

Having a new little guy in the house hasn't affected Cadence too much at all. At first she was disappointed because he wasn't a girl baby - which is what she wanted. But she's coming around and has turned out to be a great helper. However, she is still Cadence and as silly as ever. here are some pics to prove it :)
I came in to the living room and Shaun was in the bouncy seat and Cadence's baby had taken over the swing.

Because of his feeding tube and scars, Cadence was pretty scared of Shaun at first. She didn't want to touch him or hold him on Saturday and Sunday and we just kept saying, "when you're ready to hold him, let us know" Monday morning once Chris left for work, Cadence said "I'm ready to hold Shaun" and she hasn't wanted to stop holding him since! She's doing a great job being gentle with him and loves to kiss him and rub his head.

Two mornings in a row of her early morning hold.

Shaun and Cadence both wore their guitar shirts yesterday. So, we had to get a picture of it :)

Here is a video of Cadence holding him for the first time. Click HERE


mama said...

So sweet, looks like we have another wild-haired baby! Love it!!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are some super sweet pictures and that video cracks me up! She's grinning like a cheshire cat through most of it and I couldn't tell if it was because she was holding Shaun or because you had a camera! And I can't believe you got it on film of her saying she wanted a girl baby. Classic Cadence!