Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping with the Kales

We spent the weekend camping in Morrow Mountain State Park. It's outside of Charlotte and ended up being beautiful! This really surprised me because I would never have thought that there was a mountain around Charlotte at all. But there was and so we camped on it. It was Cadence's first camping trip and turned out to be a great experience.

The first morning when we woke up, these deer were making their way to everyone's campsite looking for breakfast. When they saw Cadence and Isaiah's juice boxes, they made a beeline for our site. I guess they know that kids with bright colored stuff usually means food for them. We made the kids get in the tent because we weren't sure about the deer or what they would do. They were perfectly tame and just moved on to another site but not before I got a couple of pictures of them.

Dinner time on night 1 with the Kales were hot dogs over the fire and chili. It was delicious!

Isaiah and his first Smore. He liked it!

On Sunday morning First Baptist Albemarle hosts a church service in the woods so we went to check it out. It was actually pretty cool and something completely different for us to experience. The man standing up was the preacher. We all sat on long benches.

Gathering firewood to take back to our site after church.

After church, we went canoeing. Actually, the Kales had a row boat but we all paddled and eventually made it (in a not so direct route) to where we were headed - which was nowhere in particular.

Our view on the water was beautiful. There was a dam that we actually paddled most of the way to before another canoer told us that it's pretty hard to paddle away from because of the current working against you. So instead, we stopped on this little Island to let the kids play in the water.

We spent lots of time doing this!

The biggest fire ever in a fire pit made by Jeff and his boys

Night 2 was a shrimp boil and garlic bread. It was FANTASTIC! Check out Karen's outdoor camping skills :)

Cadence and Isaiah had a great time gathering wood so we could keep the fire going. Although this was too green to burn, she liked carrying it around.

More Smores

and Slang got to go too!


relying on God said...

looks like a fun time!

mama said...

WooHoo, I wanta go.......... Maybe we should check this out for a family vacation spot!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip... and a fun post! I love how blogging lets me see in into your world even from halfway across the world! Of course Isaiah loved s'mores... marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate... what's not to love! I was just thinking last night as I walked home from the bus stop that it's about time we made a fire and made some s'mores. :) Those deer are crazy!!! Dad would have eaten that up if he'd have been there. And I love Slang's expression... it's as though he's thinking "seriously, why'd you have to save my picture for last?" ;)