Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh This Child!

Cadence is so funny these days. She's always had personality - we all know that - but over the past week or so, it seems to have changed and everything that she does or says either makes me laugh out loud, appalls me, or both. Here are a couple of examples of what I mean.

The other day I happened upon a conversation between Cadence and Isaiah taking place in her bedroom. There were 3 princess dresses (snow white, belle, and a purple barbie princess) laid out on the floor and she was asking Isaiah which one she should wear. So this is how it went

C: Saiah what princess you want me to be?
I: ummm, Snow White?
C (in a whiny voice): but I don't want to wear snow white because it stinks cause mommy didn't wash it yet.
I: ok, then be Belle
C (still whining and a little irritated): Belle is too big and it trips on my feet. I want to wear the barbie dress!
I: OK, then just wear it if you want too!
Cadence struggles her way into the Barbie dress then looks at Isaiah and says: Help me up so we can dance.
and so he does :)

Then this afternoon we are sitting outside and they are riding their bikes. Isaiah is on the blue bike and it happens to have a basket on the front of it. I gave them both a bottle of water because they were thirsty and Isaiah was at a loss over what to do with his water bottle while he rides his bike. So here's the conversation from there

C: yust put it in da basket to hold the wager
I: well, it won't stay in there and will fall if my leg hits it
C: dit off da bike Saiah. (he does)
Cadence puts her bottle of water in the basket and pedals around the driveway while holding onto her bottle so that it doesn't fall out of the basket. Pulls back up to Isaiah and says: If my wager doesn't fall then yours won't either.

and so Isaiah gets back on his bike with his water bottle in the basket, and off they go.

It really scares me how much of the "murdock woman" she has in her. Grannie Turner would have done that, Grannie Murdock would , Mama would have, and I most definitely would have done the exact same thing in her situation. i guess it's true that the sins past down to the 3rd and 4th generations :) Pray for her.....and us :)

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mama said...

Sounds like a chip off the ole block to me! Love it!!!