Saturday, September 12, 2009


The past week in our world has been one where I've had to watch my reactions carefully. Cadence is becoming more independent all the time ( like she wasn't before) and now comes to me to show me what she has done - I think this is because we're really pushing being honest about everything in our house right now.

For instance, one day she was upstairs with Chris because he was teaching and then she came downstairs to me while I was cooking dinner. She was so proud of herself and came around the corner into the kitchen saying "Mommy look at my hands!" I was horrified to see that they were completely black, covered in something that was unrecognizable to me. I immediately freaked out which was her first clue that she might have done something wrong and so she began to get upset. Realizing what I had done I tried to take back my initial reaction and ask her what she had done. She explained to me that she was cleaning daddy's drum seat at the bottom (Which is covered in grease) and it all came off on her hands and now his chair was clean. So these are the types of things that come into her brain "Daddy's seat is black on the bottom, it obviously needs to be cleaned, I'll use my hands to do it and mommy will be proud that I'm helping clean up" and somehow Chris missed the whole thing! (He was teaching a guitar lesson) So, I'm trying to not over react and instead, document this stage of life.

Since the black hands incident these are some of the other things that have happened this week:

Wearing my glasses pretending to be a "dran-ma"

She fixed her own hair the night after we spent over an hour washing and picking it out. Yes her hair is white because of the amount of conditioner in it (approximately half a tub) but she even picked it out!

She was having a birthday party for one of her babies and was trying to decorate the table

I'm selfishly hoping this stage of life passes fast because I don't know what she will think of next but really do love the way her brain is working.

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mama said...

What hair! At least she is trying, too bad conditioner doesn't come with child proof tops :)