Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Fun

We are so glad that summer has arrived in NC!  What is interesting is that because of that, every picture we take seems to involve outside and food - and mostly cold food at that. 

This week we went to a friend's softball game. It was so much fun and brought back lots of memories of being a kid at the ball field. Especially when Cadence tried to climb the back  of the bleachers - who hasn't done that as a kid?   We stopped on the way to the game to get some ice cream. Here are Cadence and Isaiah with their chocolate ice cream with sprinkles :)

Cadence and Isaiah LOVE popsicles. They seriously eat one like every day. But, it's summer so it's allowed in my world as long as they eat them outside. 

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Elizabeth said...

Ice Pops! Yummo! especially the banana ones. :) I love your girl's hair with it's super tight curls and golden brown highlights... and I can't believe that it ALL goes into a ponytail!