Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking Turns

Taking turns doesn't come naturally to 2 and 3 year olds. We knew this long before Isaiah showed up but it became SO much more evident once he was here. Because of that, we work daily to be good "sharers"

The pictures are proof that occasionally - actually more often than not - Cadence and Isaiah do share!!

Taking turns pulling each other in the wagon

I was taking a picture of Cadence in this outfit because 1) it's cute and 2) it's the last outfit from her baby showers that I have pulled tags off of so that she can wear it. So, that should be documented!

Isaiah came into the room as I was taking it and so Cadence actually suggested that "Saiah" have a turn holding something and having his picture taken too. He grabbed the first thing he could find and started smiling!  This little boy makes me laugh and we love having him around!


Elizabeth said...

Definitely a momentous photo worthy occasion... the last baby shower outfit... wow! I'm kind of surprised you still have clothes nearly 3 years later. :)

Here's a book that I came across today and thought it might be something you'd be interested in for Shae... it's a devotional book based around hymns. I've often wondered how we would ever teach our kids hymns since most churches don't sing them anymore. I only glanced at it, but it looks interesting.

Renee said...

I read my girls Hymns all the time! I have a couple of Hymn books that I read from and use them as devotions!! Glad kids are having such a fantastic time.

Oh yah...heres a good song for the kids that has the share word in it!