Saturday, May 30, 2009


Cadence is spending the weekend with kay-kay so it's letting me catch up on blogging with only one kid to answer a million questions from :)

So,  Friday was special olympics bowling championship so I took Cadence and Isaiah to hang out with Chris' kids from his class. 

Here they are hanging out with some of their favorite kids. 

Caleb likes to tickle everyone but especially someone he can get a reaction out of. Cadence and Isaiah both provided him with what he was looking for. 
Fantaiga carried Cadence around to see all her friends. 

They had so much fun playing cars with Trask

And you really shouldn't go to the bowling alley without having some bowling alley food!

chicken nuggets and french fries - a favorite in the Andersen house since Isaiah showed up

Ice Cream - compliments of Ms. Donna. It was super yummy and the perfect way to end our bowling alley excursion. 

Here are some of Cadence's silly faces - the pouty face she's pretty good at :)


Elizabeth said...

Too fun! I love that they are so loved by Chris' kids. :) Isaiah's smiles make me smile and so does that girl's pouty face!

mama said...

Love that pouty faced girl! Glad Isaiah got to meet the class, looks like he had a great time bowling!