Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet Baby Jane

We are so excited that Jane Alexa Lourcey has arrived! My (ashleigh) sister Emily had her baby on June 11th. I was so blessed to actually be able be in the delivery room when Jane was born and loved being able to meet Jane right from the beginning. Cadence had made the trip to Wake Forest with me and she also loved Jane right from the beginning. Below is a picture of Cadence while we were driving to Wake Forest. We left super early in the morning so she fell back asleep in her seat. I LOVE how girly she is and that she crosses her feet in her sleep :)

On Friday, Chris and Isaiah made the trek back to Wake Forest with Cadence and I so that they could meet Jane as well. Here is Uncle Chris showing Jane to Cadence and Isaiah. 

for more pictures of how beautiful Jane really is go to Emily and Rob's blog

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Renee said...

Welcome Baby Jane!!! Glad you got to experience her birth!!