Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Practice

This past week in the Andersen house, we began gearing up for Spring Break!  Our spring break plans include camping in Tennessee for a couple of days, going to Memphis to see my cousin Amber, and our final destination is Grain valley, MO to see Chris' family and baby JackJack (our new nephew on the Andersen side)  So, Chris and I are pros at camping and know just what we would normally need to camp out for a couple of days. However, we've never camped with Cadence before so that is making us re-think some stuff as well as needing to prepare her for camping to make it the best experience possible. The number 1 thing Cadence needed was a sleeping bag. So, last week, we made a trip to Wal-Mart to pick out a sleeping bag. She picked the Disney Princess one (no surprise there) and we headed home. 

Chris and I have been talking about that we are going to sleep in a tent. Well, her only tent reference is her big pink Princess tent. So, the first thing we did when daddy got home was to show him the sleeping bag and have him set up her tent so she could pretend sleep in it. 

The next night, we all put our sleeping bags in her pink tent and were planning on sleeping in it for the night to practice inside. We all piled in (including Slang) and watched The Little Mermaid (which Chris and i both slept thru) and once it was over Cadence said "I want to sleep in my real bed" :)  So, we got out of tent-sleeping for the night. 

Saturday - Chris set up the tent we will be taking so Cadence can have in her brain what is for real going on. She loved it!! She thought Daddy's big tent was lots of fun. We played in it, ate in it, Snow White and Ariel both took naps in it, and when it was Cadence's nap time she actually got her sleeping bag and air mattress and laid down in it and went to sleep!

That evening, we built a fire and burned some hot dogs for supper along with making s'mores.  I think that Spring break has the potential to be lots of fun!!

On a side note, Cadence and I planted some vegetables to see if was can have some for the summer. Here we are planting  Peppers, lettuce and tomato. I'm excited to see if anything will actually grow this year :)


mama said...

Awe, so fun! Wish Grammie could be there to have a sleep over in the tent! Hope y'all have a great spring break!! Maybe you'll have some yummy veggies soon!

Melody said...

Sounds like a fun spring break. Good luck with your veggies. harmony was planting potatoes at our house this weekend.

Elizabeth said...

So fun! What a smart Mom you are to prepare her for everything. :) The nap time in the tent picture makes me smile... and it's nice to see some pictures of Chris on here! Hope your vegetable-planting-experience is a bit more successful than last year's! ;) I was just thinking over the weekend that I should maybe plant some and then it snowed and hailed yesterday... perhaps I should wait a bit longer!