Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day #3

So, this is the most snow I've (Ashleigh) ever seen in my life!  But seriously, 3 snow days since January?!?  A little ridiculous if you ask me :)  but the Andersen's are choosing to make the best of all the time together.   Here are the pics from our snow morning. 

What we woke up to :)

Chris said that there's enough to attempt a snow man so here are him and Cadence building it. 

The finished product complete with accessories. 

This is the tree in our front yard. I love that it has spring buds on it as well as snow. 

Chris made a snow angel because Cadence was being pouty and didn't want to do it. 

Then we came in to make hot chocolate and snow cream!  
Cadence got to drop in the pieces of peppermint and the marshmallows to the hot chocolate

Our snow cream (with chocolate and strawberry mix on top)  I don't think I did it right since I just googled it but it was still pretty good. Cadence really liked it. 

The blue bowl was the snow we gathered and the silver bowl was where we made the snow cream. More firsts for the Andersen's!! First SnowMan and First SnowCream altogether a great morning!


Renee said...

Love the snowman! Great Job! Glad you guys are having fun!:)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your snow looks like our Ohio snow used to... I had no idea it was snowing in NC. I bet Em is sad she missed it! It's a bit strange to me that I'm so "out of the loop" when it comes to weather in the States. Oh well...

christa said...

Sooooo jealous!!! I want to experience snowcream and snowmen! One day maybe.