Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Packages

If our mail lady had any doubt at all that a holiday is coming. I'm sure it is all erased when the packages start showing up at the Andersen house. This year it was 3 packages in 2 days - all for Cadence - along with lots of cards that I have lost count of. Shae LOVES to get packages so this always makes her very happy :)

The first one to arrive was from "yellow Gigi" or "grammie" (same person, multiple names, Ashleigh's mom)   She loved her shirt as well as the candy in the package. We're really having to pace her with the candy this year because there was so much of it. 

Here she is actually wearing the shirt. 

I'm embarrassed to say I've forgotten who the monkey was from (either Kathy or my mom) but either way she likes to swing with it and has named it Alex. No idea where the name Alex came from, she just picked it and it has stuck :)

The purple stuff and gummi bears are from Aunt Connie. That's a given :)  We love the blanket because it's so soft and I love that it matches her room! It now has become one of the blankets that has to be piled up on her to go to bed. 

The dress from KayKay is adorable!  Her baby is already dressed in her dress and as soon I the start align and Cadence has fixed hair and the dress on, pictures will come :)

We've had some difficulty this holiday with Cadence being sneaky to eat the candy. in fact, on this same day, she grabbed one of the princess hearts full of chocolate and disappeared. Chris went looking for her and as he called her, she quickly slammed the bathroom door shut. Well, of course, then we knew right where she was and after getting the door open, Chris found that she had eaten all of the chocolates except one. She's not very good at hiding stuff like that and so she had one in her mouth and wrappers all over the bathroom. So, we're learning that candy has to be put WAY out of reach to keep Cadence honest :)  She has done much better asking for candy tho since this one episode. Hopefully she learned that lesson quickly...


Elizabeth said...

That girl and her packages... she must think that Christmas comes nearly every month of the year. And yes, I'm sure your mail lady is quite amused by it all. :)

Luke & April said...

I LOVE the first picture :) Another classic Cadence face! I can't wait to see you guys... less than 1 month!!!