Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MiMi and PopPop's visit

For Valentine's Day/President's Day Keith and Cindy (Chris' parents) came to visit us. They had both Friday and Monday off so it worked out well for them to make a quick trip to NC. Cadence was so excited!  The came in of Friday afternoon and came bearing gifts :)

Being in the "Holiday" spirit, Cadence jumped all over the gifts. She was so excited to add to her Princess Barbie collection and a new Princess movie too!  Cindy found this great book called "Polite as a Princess" that uses the Disney Princesses and teaches manners at the same time. It's working great!  Now we can say something like "Cadence you know that Belle uses her fork at the table so why don't you try and use yours too?"  and it works!  I highly recommend this book for anyone with little girls who are into the whole Princess thing. 

Friday night, we were scheduled to play in downtown Mooresville with some of the kids from our music lessons so Keith and Cindy got to tag along and see what we do :)  There are more pictures of that but they're on our other blog www.musictimeinmooresville.blogspot.com

Saturday (and Sunday) cadence was so excited because Keith and Cindy took her on really long walks in the wagon. She loves to ride in the wagon but we don't take her very often because it's cold so here's Daddy airing up the wagon tires. 

And off they go on their walk. On Saturday, once they took off, Chris and I went to the movies to see Gran Torino. Great movie!  Cadence actually fell asleep in the wagon so when they finished their walk, they just brought her in and put her down for her nap. 

We're so glad that Mimi and PopPop got to come and can't wait until we get to see them again. 


Elizabeth said...

So Fun! I love that Cadence has so many people who love her so much. What a blessed little girl she is! And what a great idea... learning manners from the princesses. I wonder if there's one about "not stealing candy?" ;)

Christa said...

Did you know Disney has a new princess and she's black. Can't remember her name but the movie is called The Princess and the Frog. Just thought I would throw that out there for you!

Renee said...

Okay..Just caught up on the last 5 posts and WOW! I missed a lot This child definately lives like a princess!!
Love Love her hair!