Monday, February 9, 2009


On Saturday, I (Ashleigh) took Cadence and one of her friends to downtown Charlotte to see a play. It was Cinderella and I thought that the girls would really enjoy it. So, as we're driving to the theater, I tell this what the surprise is and this is how the conversation goes:

ME:  Girls, your surprise is that we're going to see a play of Cinderella!
Me: no, you don't get to BE anyone, you just watch it. Like a movie except with real people.
MARY:  I'm gonna kick that Beast and say NO NO Beast!
Cadence:  NO NO Beast don't be ugly!

and so the rest of the drive was the girls talking about various ways to "get" the Beast and me trying to explain that the beast wouldn't even be there because it was Cinderella and there's no Beast in Cinderella only the step-mother and step-sisters. 

We get to the theater, run in and find our seats, (me praying that no one says they have to go potty) and sit down. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra is playing and thankfully the whole theater is full of little girls wanting to see Cinderella. So, after some music from the orchestra and some really cool explanations from the conductor that were completely lost on 2 year olds looking for Cinderella, the play began. Except it wasn't a play it was a ballet. So, lots of dancing with no words. However, the girls did great! and loved the whole thing. 

I couldn't take pictures in the theater so here are some I snagged from online of the performance. 

A picture on the drive there

Posing with the really cool art in downtown Charlotte

And some water that mary wanted to jump in

inside the theater


mama said...

So fun!! Wish I could have been there, look at you adding culture to our baby's life!! She looked really cute, glad to see a hairbow to match her dress!!!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for fun friends, fun surprises, and fun moms like you! So glad they enjoyed the WHOLE thing. :)

Luke & April said...

Your child so so silly!! Her faces crack me up :) And like Mom, i am also glad to see a bow that matches her dress... You Rock!!