Friday, June 20, 2008

What to do without Shae around Part 2

We don't teach normal private lessons thru the summer for MusicTime so instead, we offer camps for the kids to participate in. This year, having Cadence, made the planning more tricky  so we decided to just do them all in one week out of the month and for that week, send Cadence to Grammie's house. So, while she's having all kinds of fun in FL, we're having Summer Music Camp and Rock School (which is a different post)  Here are the kids from Summer Music Camp. It was really lots of fun.  We spent each day talking about a different instrument group and one day talking about the orchestra. My friend Renee, helped me out with the camp. She did such a great job coming up with this really cool craft book the kids worked in all week. I'm so grateful for her and her help to me not only with Music Camp but as a friend to me and a baby-sitter for Cadence (who loves her na-na)

Working on their music craft books. 

Books and Making dessert pizza for a snack. 

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Na Na said...

Singing cows,painted fingers playing instruments, the blue men eating captain chrunch, fruit pizza, Rockin Jenna, guitar Hero,twizzlers, utube sitars, theory worksheets, panpipes from bendy straws... what an awesome camp! Had a great time hangin at the andersens!