Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last weekend, Cadence went with Grammie (Trisha), Emily, and Kay-Kay (Kathy) to see Elmo Live. Kathy and Andy had gotten tickets thru his work and since Cadence LOVES Elmo they wanted to take her. My mom was in town because it was music recital weekend for Chris and I with MusicTime (our music lessons) and so it worked out perfectly for Mom to be here and be able to take Cadence to Raleigh to spend time with Kay-Kay and Emily. They had box seats so what follows are some pictures that Mom took of the Show and Cadence. 

I'm so glad Bert and Ernie were there because Ernie is one of Cadence's favorites. 
Auntie Em so excited to see Elmo!
Zoe and Big Bird and the whole Sesame Street gang was there too!!

They had box seats so there were lots of food perks. This was the popcorn they got. 

Still eating popcorn and watching the show

Kay-kay and Grammie got Cadence another Elmo doll because I forgot to send hers with her. 

Cadence and Grammie (or Gigi)
This is just another example to me of how cool our relationship is with our birth family. I am often overwhelmed to think of how God has blessed us with another family and that we get to share Cadence with them. Thanks Kay-Kay, Grammie and Emily for taking care of our girl!!

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