Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cadence's Mad Photography Skills

Lately one of Cadence's favorite things to do is to grab the camera and take some pictures herself. Chris turned on the camera today and there were about 20 extra pictures that had to be the work of Cadence. Then this afternoon, she wanted to take some more. So, I thought I would share her works of art. Hope you enjoy!! :)

               door                          her suitcase ready to go to FL

     Couch       Window Door

  Couch with melmo Drum Sticks Mommy

Stylin a shirt from Aunt Emily

      The Ceiling                               MELMO                                       Eye

                                  Self-portraits                                           she even took some of her room

        DVD's                                      no idea but a part of Cadence      FEET!!

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Elizabeth said...

Your child is a nut! Thanks for the laugh!!!