Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hanging out at Grandpa Keith and Mimi's House

Cadence woke up on Saturday morning in Ohio and wanted her picture taken. This was her pose. 
I was fixing a dessert for a cookout on Sunday and so Cindy gave Cadence her own stuff to work with to "make" a cake.

The Ice Cream Man!!!   He comes thru our neighborhood in NC every day but Cadence has had no clue of what is in his truck. Cindy wanted to get Cadence something so when we heard him coming, they ran out to the street to get an ice cream. 
Cadence picked a Dora-faced one with 2 gumballs for eyes. So, we threw away the gum balls and she just got the ice cream. 

What she looked like after finishing her ice cream. 

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Christa said...

Oh yay, ice cream is so much fun!! Lucky for us, we don't have an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood!! :) Can't wait to see you!!