Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Christmas Outfits

Grammie and Gigi showed up with several new outfits to help expand Cadence's Christmas wardrobe. This camo outfit is co cute to me. However, this picture is up to show the shoes. That is Cadence's first pair of boots. Thank you Aunt Connie for keeping us true to our southern roots by letting her have boots to wear. This is an outfit that I actually knew about because we bought it last Christmas and it has hung in a closet at Mom's house all year. Again, check out those boots
This one is from a craft show and actually has Cadence's name on it.
A christmas dress.
Camo again.
What?!?!? A Christmas Thug??

1 comment:

Luke & April said...

A CHRISTMAS THUG!!! I love it! I think Shae will have to be our resident holiday thug... she pulls it off so well.