Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Fun Friday night

On Friday night Chris suggested that we go up to Troutman to see the drive0thru nativity at the fairgrounds. (this is not a joke) So, we went to the big city of Troutman and waited with all the other cars to drive thru the life of Christ. There were Roman soldiers on horse back, camels being led around, donkeys, and lots of scenes to look at. The ones posted were our favorite.

These were the cut out camels with people behind them that represented the three wise men going to see Jesus.
This is the stable where the people were singing Christmas carols to the baby Jesus. The lights shooting up from the back we could see for several miles and were wondering what was going on. Then we knew that it was the star marking that Jesus had been born. This part was actually kind of cool.

Now you have to realize that these people have worse accents than anyone in Wauchula and the Story of Jesus looked like a broadway production compared to this drive-thru Christmas experience. The first video is an angel talking to the shepherds. The next one is Jesus healing a little girl. And the last one is Jesus calming the seas. If you've ever seen the Story of Jesus you know that they also have a water scene. However, this one is missing the tractor pulling the boat in and out. I don't know that all the generators in the background aren't just as distracting but they made for lots of laughs in the Andersen car either way. I hope that this brings you as much joy as it does us.

Now, what you don't see is the fact that there was a cross an empty tomb, Jesus ascending into heaven, and heaven itself with Jesus on the throne. it all sounds nice but what you don't know if that Jesus ascends into heaven in a bucket truck with cardboard clouds stuck to it and in heaven, Jesus is very old. I think I like the Story of Jesus better even with their accents a tractor, and the sheep bleating thru while Jesus weeps at Lazarus' tomb. Maybe one day we can take Cadenc e to see it so she can learn about Jesus Wauchula-style.


The Lourceys said...

That is hilarious! I mean, it was funny when you were telling me over the phone sounded exactly like that angel.

Luke & April said...

Luke and I laughed so hard over these videos... you were right, your description did not do them justice... we had to see it to get the full affect!