Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Aunt Melissa's Puppy

When Cadence was born her Aunt Melissa gave her this build-a-bear puppy dressed as a baby and Melissa got one too so they would have matching puppies. Cadence loves this puppy and carries it around alot. So, when we were in the mall seeing Santa we stopped by the build-a-bear store and Mom decided that the puppy needed a new outfit. Once we got the puppy dressed in his new Christmas outfit, we wanted to get a picture of them for the Palahnuks. However, Cadence was way more interested in her boots from Aunt Connie than any picture we could get.

Slang got involved in the process too. but I think he just wanted Cadence to throw his ball.
Melissa, this is the best we could get of her and the puppy. I hope you like it!


elizabeth said...

Slang is the best dog ever... and Shae isn't half bad herself. :)

Grammie said...

Grammie's baby is so sweet and smart, look at her figuring out those shoe strings! Can't wait to give her hugs and kisses!