Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve at Gran and Pop's

You couldn't possibly have Christmas Eve without enough red meat for everyone. Here is this year's pile waiting to go the grill.

Here's Gran dipping up the shrimp so that the evening can be complete with both Steak and Shrimp. By this point in the day, Cadence was a pro at opening presents and was ripping the paper and tissue paper out and then going straight onto the next present. She didn't really get that the point wasn't the paper shredding but the gift inside the paper. Maybe next year we'll understand a little more.

This was the tag on our present from Katie and Rylee. I love it.

Gran opening her new glasses. And the relish dish that "mysteriously" disappeared. I wonder who took that thing?!?! We'll never tell!!!!!

Aunt April with Shae

Rocky and Angie

Playing with Kagan.

Uncle Shannon had the job of putting together the high chair/bouncy seat/swing from GiGi and Poppa
Cadence helped him...
As did April............
And Elizabeth.............
Finally a completed high chair for her new baby.

Grammie and Papa

The Great Grands

And could Christmas Eve be complete without this picture?? I don't think so.


elizabeth said...

You know... I don't remember trying to help Shannon, Shae, and April put together the high chair. And based on your photographic evidence of me... I was too stoned to be of any use!

Thanks for including such great photos of me on your blog this Christmas - you're the best!

The Lourceys said...

That's okay Liz. At least you made it in the pictures.

Luke & April said...

All I can say is that was a stinkin hard highchair to put together. Now I see why parents do this stuff the night before:)