Monday, September 5, 2016

Creed Turns 4!

Ya know what an upside to being in Florida for Poppa's funeral is??? A birthday with cousins!!!  We don't get to spend all our birthdays with our cousins and so when we get extra cousin time, that's never  a bad thing! 

It's crazy to think that our squishy, blonde boy is 4 years old but he is!!  and for his special day we chose to go to a park in Lakeland that has a super fun playground and even a Splash Pad! because this birthday plan was last minute (Sorry Creed) we stopped by public on the way and picked up his cake. and then didn't even take a picture of it! But it was green and white and had dinosaurs on it :)

We were so glad to have extra family time! Even if it was for a really sad reason. 

We drove home the next day so Creed's actual birthday we were back in North Carolina. He got to eat his Cracker Jacks and YooHoo from Aunt Connie and didn't even have to share!!!

Birthday Pancakes and some gifts from Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Lisa!!

Happy Birthday Big 4 Year Old!!  We are so glad God chose to surprise us with you! We would have missed out on 4 years of cuddles and questions and super hero talk and seeing you be such a good brother to your brothers and sisters! We love you so much Buddy!!

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