Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Finally Official Andersens!!!

This post is picture overload and I won't even apologize for it! On September 3, 2014 Charis and Christopher officially became Andersens!!! 

They came to us as Shaun Travolta Blackwood Jr, and Olivia Nicole Blackwood. At different times and from a little different situations, but they both ended up in the Andersen house and it was always our desire for them to officially be part of the "A Team" 

We loved them from the time we knew about the (which was while Olivia/Charis was in utero) A couple years later when we heard that ANOTHER Shaun Travolta Blackwood Jr had been born and was in foster care, our hearts jumped at the idea of having them both in our home. In God's perfect timing he brought Christopher to us first...a squishy round-footed baby. That was in September of 2012 and in January of 2013 Charis came to join him (and the rest of us!!) 

Adding 2 kids (2 and under) within 4 months has had it's challenges but we are so grateful that God chose to entrust them to us! If we're being honest, we probably spent most of the first year they were with us in a bit of a fog. Transitioning from 3 to 4 to 5 kids and all of them 7 and under.....I'm not sure we were thinking clearly at all :) But we've watching them grow and flourish in the time they've lived with us!! 

So in the middle of sudden loss with Poppa ending his journey on earth, we are so glad that the time is also marked with the ending of our foster journey for Charis and Christopher. You both bring much joy to our lives and there aren't 2 other kids on the whole planet that we would rather have be a part of the A-Team!!!  Of all the people on this planet, you're 2 of our favorites!!

Welcome to the team Charis Sophia Andersen and Christopher Shaun Andersen!

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