Monday, September 5, 2016

September Phone Dump

 September started off with us still in August from Poppa's Funeral.  These pics are the night of the receiving of family and friends. 

Sweet Rebeka checking out all the flowers. 
 The number of people who showed up to remember and honor him was such an accurate reflection of his life and the way he loved people. There were people from his high school there!! All the way thru his latest Sunday School class and the volunteer organization he was a part of. I know that it would be a rare thing for someone to "speak ill of the dead" but there wasn't even any stretching of the truth to come up with how good and Godly of a man Poppa was. 

It was such a sweet night and we heard so many stories about the man our Poppa was but the sweetest part of it all, to me, was having all my sisters in the same place. We're not together a ton but these girls are my best friends and I'm so grateful for the time we got to spend together. 

and because we were all in one place, there was plenty of cousin/family time!! 

Once we were home in North Carolina, there was plenty more fun to be had!! Movie nights in the camper, playing outside (fall is awesome for that) 

this kid cracks me up!!!

the boys were heading back to their Grammies house 
There's never a shortage of dress up in the Andersen house and September was no exception! 

Caleb the big brother making breakfast for his younger brothers :) 
September also means School!! 

Our church held a 5K/10K/Fun Run for an missions organization called Make Your Mark. Cadence and Caleb went with their daddy to help out at the race. 

and then got to race themselves!!  Cadence really came in first for the fun run and Caleb got to beat daddy in their own fun run :)

And nothing says fun for the Andersen Littles like a day at Discovery Place!! 
Dress up, playing, crafts, it can't be bad. 

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