Thursday, September 12, 2013

Creed is 3!

We are so excited to watch our sweet, squishy, boy get bigger. It really doesn't seem like he could possibly be 3 and yet, here we are! Creed's birthday this year marked a first for the Andersen house...a birthday at school!  He was so excited to be able to bring cupcakes for his new school friends and after much debate decided on jungle cupcakes on brown plates. Yes he was that specific. 

So, brown plates with jungle cupcakes were what we did!!

Mrs. Lori (the director) brought in her birthday sweater to sing to Creed. he was so excited. It's so much fun to watch the boys who, for the most part, seems indifferent to everything and doesn't want to be the center of attention, get so excited  - and bashful but oh so pleased - when he is made a big deal. 

So, that was thursday at school and on Friday, we invited Creed's, and our, friends Hannah and Justin over. Creed specifically said he didn't want a party like Caleb or Cadence had. He wanted to have "Hannah's Justin" and "Mr. Brent" over to play legos. Mr. Brent couldn't come so "Hannah's Justin" had to show up :) and he did!! and Creed was so excited!

*there are lots of pictures here because I just love Creed's expressions in all of them*

Caleb didn't completely understand why all the presents were for Creed. 

More Jungle cupcakes were eaten......

and then the Legos came out!!!

The next morning was his actual birthday so we just celebrated as a family. He woke up in his new superman pj's.....

ate his birthday pancakes.......

and we went to the movies to see PLANES!!! There were no pictures of it because the movies are too much work for Mommy and Daddy to try to also document the fun. But after the movies we went to a mexican restaurant and Creed got to throw all manners out the window - because it was his birthday.

We are so grateful for this toe-headed kid who was given to us as an extra special gift. Certainly unexpected but so loved by all of us. 

Happy Birthday to our lego-lovin', super hero watchin' always a weapon carryin' big boy!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I've thought about commenting here over and over, but always forget when I have a few minutes to sit at the computer. :-)

I LOVE Creed's faces in all the cupcake pictures... both at school and the ones at home. Though in the ones at school he looks a LOT like his Mama!

I also love - and find it a bit hard to believe - that he is so specific with his requests. Seriously - brown plates and jungle cupcakes?!? That boy is hilarious.

And I'd say sweet and squishy is a pretty accurate description of your boy... from what I remember of the 3 month old Creed - CRAZY that I haven't seen him since then!!!!! So looking forward to remedying that next month!