Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family Days

We have been so blessed throughout September to have some great family days. Because a ministry schedule is pretty demanding most of the time, we are trying to be so purposeful to carve out a day a week to spend together. Our "normal" family day is Friday and it seemed like every Friday in September we accomplished the goal of hanging out together and with our kids doing fun stuff. 

Sometimes it's just simple fun like this:

and sometimes it's extra special fun!  and this particular Friday was extra special. Some friends from church own a boat rental business and because the boating season is coming to a close in North Carolina, we were invited to take a boat or jet skis out if we wanted to. Well, of course we wanted to!  So, on a friday morning we dressed the kids in bathing suits, packed a picnic and "water" toys and headed out. 

Creed spent some time on his "motorcycle" while we were loading the car :)

We got to the place, got on a boat, and headed out. We knew that there was a little island that has a pretty good beach area so we headed that way. For several hours we had the entire island to ourselves!!  What a treat to let the kids run and play and swim and dig for treasure and eat  Completely uninterrupted!  Daddy even has taken to turning off his phone on family days :)  and Mommy's was only used for pictures....

 Taking Caleb potty in the woods - or maybe he was going potty himself :)

picnic lunch on the "beach" it's not white gulf sand but on a Friday in September in North Carolina
 - it was pretty good!

I love watching how different our kids are. Creed literally laid in the sand and played with a couple lego guys and a stick - all by himself - for over an hour. Caleb LOVED to be IN the bucket/ I guess if you're 4 and fit in a 5 gallon bucket, you should take full advantage of that :) Cadence spent the majority of her time in the water and Liv just enjoyed being covered in sand and then washing it off herself. The baby - well if you know the baby he's into EVERYTHING!!  and this day was no exception :)

after having tons of fun on "our" island we went for a boat ride to see some houses in the area. The kids loved the boat part and even managed to stay awake to enjoy it!  We thought they wouldn't but they found the energy to stay up.....

I'm so grateful for our little family and a Daddy who takes the time to play with his kids. 
We are blessed!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

1. Your deck is so nice!
2. I love that Chris turns his phone off for family days.
3. So fun that you had your own island and such a nice boat!
4. I loved your description of each of their playtime and that boy in his bucket is a riot.
5. Your big girl has a MANE. Wow!

Hooray for Family Days! :-)