Monday, September 2, 2013


How in the world do we have a 7 year old? It just seems unbelievable and yet August 3rd showed up again this year and she insists that she is 7 :)  The best 7 years we've had yet - hands down!

So, here are the August 3rds with their birthday pancakes. 
 Opening some birthday cards and family gifts - because Caleb already had his party, he has a few less to open but he doesn't mind. He's still on a Wreck It Ralph cake high!

putting his money in his "pocket" 

 Cadence really wanted a beach party this year with  a hula girl so some friends of ours let us borrow their pool for a few hours to celebrate with some of Cadence's best friends. 
 This is the first store bought cake we've ever had for a birthday in the Andersen house and I still feel a little mom guilt over it. However, with 2 birthdays, getting our house ready to sell and the kids ready for Caleb to have open heart surgery, something had to give and so Cadence's cake made the was still a yummy cake and I put the hula girl on myself so that kind of counts. Right? 
 Cadence specifically requested Mrs. Donna's house for the party because she has a diving board. and by the end of the party, everyone was using the diving board like pros!

 Our Hula Girl and her friends!
 opening presents!

I don't know where the pictures are of us eating cake - but it did happen and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

and then, once the party was over, we loaded everyone up in the van and drove to CLT because GiGi was coming into town!!  Because of Caleb's surgery being on Monday the 5th, Mom flew in to help out with the kids for the first section of time we were in the hospital. 

That's like a birthday present for everyone!! and with her came more gifts from Aunt Connie and Aunt Debbie so, of course, they needed to be opened too :)

We are so grateful for these two August 3rd babies and the incredible part they are in the Andersen family. We couldn't imagine life without them and are so glad that God chose to make them Andersens!

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