Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

A couple of Saturdays ago they were calling for some winter(y) weather. We didn't think much about it because really, the weather people in NC are about the least informed weather people EVER! They are wrong FAR more often than they are right :)  and even this time, they were wrong. They had said it might be a dusting of snow but not much to worry about - more rain than anything. Well, Chris and I left our house to head out for a youth event and we weren't 2 miles down the road when the snow started. Within a matter of minutes it started to look like this!
We had left the kids with Karen because they were all sick so we hoped that they would get some snow to look at and kept driving!  A couple of hours later when we were headed home, this was what our drive down HWY 3 looked like!

So, of course when we got home the kids were begging to play outside. And so the dressing began!  It's really hard to believe how hard it is to dress 4 kids to play in snow. Boots, hats, gloves, layers of really is a process!  But once it was complete, they went outside. 

You can see that Creed doesn't have his gloves on. 
So, within about 10 minutes he was inside crying because his hands hurt.....
so he had to watch the playing from the back door  :)

Eventually Daddy went out to help with a snowman. It wasn't really successful and they ended up with more of a snow tower. But they had fun until they got too cold. 

and then we all headed inside. Where a good mom would have had hot chocolate waiting for everyone but they happen to have Ashleigh for a mom so they ended up with bowls of ice cream instead :)


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Your biggest girl is a ham. Olivia doesn't look like she enjoyed the snow all that much. And Baby Shaun changes all the time... he looks so much older to me now. Emma just told me that his birthday is St. Patrick's Day... so fun!

mama said...

Poor Creed, no hat or gloves!! Hopefully he learned that you can't play in the snow without them! So fun that they get to experience all the seasons, summer is coming and there will be no shirts and lots of water fun!! But ice cream for a snack?? You ain't right! :)