Friday, February 22, 2013

Andersen Fun as of late.....

So, although the blog is several weeks behind at this point, it's not that we haven't done anything. Quite the contrary. It has been a really busy season for us - not only in our home but with church - so the mix of that makes it hard to get everything blogged. But it doesn't mean we haven't taken pictures along the way of important and not so important things. Here are some not so important but too cute to not be documented things. 

A family day at the mall complete with a trip to Bass Pro to look at the giant fish!

A little game playing now that the middles are big enough (almost) to actually understand a game. 

2 2 year olds = exhausting and so fun all at the same time

Creed was so excited to get to go to the store with Daddy all by himself that he immediately grabbed the first hat and shoes he could find :)
Long days leave the big two looking like this!
Creed is not such a good napper but he looks really cute laying there not sleeping 
and that saves him alot
This was a family movie night that ended with a sleepover on the couch.
 It's a good thing we got a big one!

and some moments look like this and we are just mean gracious enough to document each other any time we get the opportunity to sleep while it's daylight outside 


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh my... there is just so much to love about this post, but I think my favorite is the movie night turned sleepover photo. So, so precious. I love that you have a house full of kids... and I really like your new couch!

That photo of your two oldest is blackmail worthy. And Cadence's hair in the purple pants pictures is BEAUTIFUL. Make sure she knows I said so please! Also, I love that you have sleeping pictures of you with almost all of your kids when they were babies. :-)

relying on God said...

Y'all are such a fun and beautiful famiy. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone come April.