Thursday, February 21, 2013

Slangnasty Andersen 8/3/2000-2/4/2013

This past month marked a change in the Andersen house that hasn't been since the Andersen house was made.  We made the decision to put Slang to sleep. :( We got Slang way back when Chris and I were dating and he was such a good dog. 
We wanted a fun dog who would be good with kids and he was certainly that! 

I still remember the day that my roommate, Brenda, and I drove to who knows where  after seeing an ad in the newspaper. I wanted to surprise Chris with a dog for Christmas and we knew we wanted a Boston Terrier so when I saw a puppy for sale that was the last one in the litter I wanted it! He was such a cute puppy and Chris was so surprised. Even tho we had to keep him hid in Chris' apartment so as to not pay the pet deposit :) - he cooperated pretty well and learned quickly to not bark. Which I'm convinced is why he chirped like a bird instead!!

Poor Slang - because of his itchiness - spent lots of time looking like this :)
He really was our first baby and we spent lots of time loving on him 
until all the real babies started showing up :)

We're so glad he was a part of most of the kids early years. He was so good with all of them and we are glad that they love animals and aren't afraid of dogs because of having one around so much.
Can you find Slang in this picture?!?


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Seriously, Shae was such a pretty baby. That picture of her sitting on Slang will always be one of my favorites... and that family photo taken the same day needs to be in a frame!

It was so fun to look back on these Slang photos, especially the ones of him going for the toy in the toybox... that's another frame-worthy series!

I'm sad that Slang is gone, but think it's a smart move for you to wait until everyone in your house can go to the bathroom by themselves before getting another puppy. ;-)

mama said...

Sigh....he was a great family pet and had the best life ever!! There will never be another slang nasty for sure!