Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Marshmallow Guns

Uncle Luke and Aunt April came up with such fun gifts for this year.....Marshmallow Guns!!

Christmas Day just wouldn't have been the same without them and these pictures and videos 
are proof of that!

The boys showing the guns to Uncle Shannon and Aunt Lizzie (there may have been some marshmallows actually shot at Liz and Shan)...maybe....

 The Daddies/Uncles may have had some fun with the marshmallow guns too.....it's hard to tell :)
This VIDEO shows the live action of what they're doing. 

 More fun games to be played with a marshmallow gun:
               Hit the ball in the air.....
 Hit the apple off of someone's head.....

 This game can be played by all ages :)

or perhaps a good old-fashioned duel. Here's VIDEO proof that it can happen!

So fun!  Thanks Aunt April and Uncle Luke for providing so much entertainment 
for many days to come!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Loved, loved, loved hearing Mom's laugh.

I'm sad we didn't get in on this fun. It needs to be recreated. And I would love to eat some marshmallows right now.