Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been one of the days of the year that I have looked the most forward to. I remember when we were dating and Chris came to his first Christmas Eve at Grannie and Poppa's and it was decided that our family would somehow, always be around for this night. It's just so much fun and with so many people we love all in the same room....I am so grateful for the years we've had to have this tradition. This year in order to pull it off, Daddy had to come in on the train. While I and the kids have been having so much fun in FL, Daddy had been working in NC!  So, he got to ride the train down :)  The boys were so excited to see both him and a train!

After some time together as the Andersens, we headed down to Gran and Pop's because there was a big announcement coming at 3:30. Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Shannon are having a baby!  And they were going to tell everyone what it was - via Skype - while we were all together for Christmas Eve. So, we all gathered around a laptop to watch Grannie open a present that revealed that the newest Bradley is a GIRL!!!! Now, we shouldn't be surprised by that being the track record of the biological part of the family. 1 Grannie who had 3 Momma's who together had 1 boy and 7 girls who together have had 5 girls and 3 boys, biologically. Add to that the 1 adopted girl and 2 adopted boys and it helps the numbers but there are still LOTS of girls in the Murdock clan....and another one is on the way!!

Normally we would have had a big steak and shrimp dinner at Grannie and Poppa's but this year, because there are so many of us and it is so much work to prepare a meal like that, Poppa decided to take us all to Golden Corral. I have no pictures of it but it was good :)

and then back to Gran and Pop's for presents!!!

all the great grands that were there waiting to open a present. 

 and then the chaos began.....

 We are so glad for Uncles who love our kids! I know I had to get onto Uncle Robby and the boys multiple times for their noise level :) but I am so glad that all of our kids get played with by super fun uncles. What a treasure for them to have!

 The Andersen Clan with G & P

an obligatory Stocking Photo

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus
all the Murdock Cousins that were at Christmas Eve

and the next generation......


Kristen said...

Great post, Ashleigh, although I have to point out that the biological link with girls doesn't really hold since determining the gender is completely up to the MAN! And in your family (because there are so many girls!), most of the dads are unrelated (at least as far as I know!!!). :) Women have been taking the blame for this for centuries (case in point: King Henry VIII!), but it's time to give credit where credit is due: your family is just extra blessed by God with lots of wonderful females!! :) Many congrats to you all!! xoxo

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm so glad you took so many photos. They're so fun to see. I can just hear the noise and imagine the scene... and the food!... as I'm reading this. So, so, so looking forward to being there next year - however we decide to do it.

Also, it's fun to me that Chris travels by train. It's not at all what I think of as America, and yet it is convenient - not to mention fun for your boys!