Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finishing up 2012

Only 8 days late, 2012 is complete!!  Mostly because tomorrow I need to post something of WAY more importance than these pictures. So, enjoy the rest of our 2012...

After Christmas we spent the rest of our week in FL enjoying some down time and family and friends. Here are the few pictures we took of our fun :)

Wilson Girls Date Night!!!
 and because it needed to be documented somewhere.....

 New jackets for the boys that were purchased on our date night
 and a trip to the Allen's house provided plenty more superhero practice time!

 When we got home - after our adventure (puke) filled trip home - we finally got the annual Christmas pictures taken. We are so grateful for all the fun stuff that was given to the kids over Christmas. 
I love how much they loved what they got. 


Elizabeth Bradley said...

So fun! I'm still jealous of your date night... and your Target run (not gonna lie). And was wondering when you would post the pics of your kiddos with all their stuff. Just FYI - the Frog and Toad book is for all your kiddos. Kristen suggested it because not only is a classic, but Toby (who's 2) loves it so much. Hope your kiddos do too. :)

p.s. I could just eat Creed with a spoon. I think it's because I see so much familiarity in him (from all of us Wilson girls) that he just makes my heart melt.

p.p.s. Your boys in their Prague hats made me smile.

mama said...

I love that they enjoyed Christmas! We did have a blast and look forward to this next year with anticipation!! Love you guys