Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping at Ft. Wilderness

When we left the beach. We headed to Disney's Ft. Wilderness. But before we could go there, Chris had to get to FL. So, he jumped on a train in Columbia and headed south :)  

Once he got off the train in Lakeland, we headed to Gran and Pop's for lunch and then off to Orlando to check in at the happiest place on earth :)

The kids were much happier once there were golf carts to play on!

Gran, and the moms decided that our campsite needed to be cleaned up and put the kids to work picking up pine cones :)  Some of them were really into it!

Others, not so much......

Once the pine cones were cleared we could put a rug out for the littles to roll around on!

and Cadence and Kagan kept on cleaning up.....

The next day we got in some quality pool time. 

Our shrimp boil for dinner was delicious!  To everyone except Christa ;) and if you have that many people to feed, you should definitely figure out a way to cook it all in one pot!  Much less clean up that way. 

The flies really enjoyed it too. They were really disgusting but definitely picture worthy!

and what would camping at Ft. Wilderness be without going to the sing along/movie time!  We took up alot of space because there is alot of us. and we only lost one kid!  That's not so bad when you're talking about10 kids 9 of them 5 and under :)

Pictures with Chip and Dale
Tink figured out the Disney secret when she stuck her hand up in their neck :)  It was hilarious and definitely startled that poor chipmunk!

Yellow Gigi knew that we all needed a S'more so she manned the s'more making station. All those years of being a girl scout leader have really paid off now that she has grandchildren :)

and for the record, Caleb loves marshmallows. This is more than a little surprising to us considering they're squishy. But they're also full of sugar and calories so we don't mind that he likes them!

We are so glad for our family time at Ft. Wilderness. It was loads of fun. Even with the rain (that got no picture time), and the flooded tents, and the car acccident, and the car that will be replaced because you can never get that kind of funk smell out. We still had a great time. I mean, how could you not at the happiest place on earth?!?!


mama said...

Definetly a fun vacation for sure! Even though it was a lot of work!! Kids always make things funner! Thanks for sharing them.......

Miss You all

Elizabeth Bradley said...

There is just so much I love about this post. And there are two people who are most definitely missing from these pictures!!! I really wish we could have been there.

In particular order, here's what I love...

1. Tink standing and watching at the sing-along.
2. That Caleb loves marshmallows.
3. The delight on Caleb's face in the pool... and Creed's - and how blonde his hair is!
4. Seeing Cadence and Kagan cleaning the campsite together. They will always be
5. Your shrimp boil... and April's face. ;)
6. and lots more...