Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Beach

Knowing that our big family vacation was coming, I took advantage of it (and a great friend who was crazy enough to go to FL with me) and we headed down early to spend a few days at the beach. Poor Hannah.....she had no idea what she was getting herself into traveling with 4 children 5 and under! But we had a great time and I'm mostly glad that we are still friends on the back side of it :)

Here are the few pictures I took of our time at the beach....

Cadence and Caleb decided they could sleep together. 

Wrestling with Hannah!!

 The day Hannah flew home I had the kids by myself so we went out to the beach because the other days they had done much better there than at the pool. It was a really successful and fun day!

This picture blows my mind. When I think that even last year Caleb wouldn't touch sand because it made him gag, and to see him completely buried in it.....It's such a great reminder to me that God can completely redeem and heal us and give us chances to enjoy things all over again. I'm so grateful for it! and we will never take for granted that Caleb likes the beach. It is nothing short of a miracle. 

 and the beauty of all that fun time on the beach is that it produces this afterwards!

We love the beach and I'm so grateful that my kids are getting to grow up and make memories on the same beaches that I did as a kid. I hope they always enjoy it as much as I do!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

You're really good at sharing life through blogging. And if you do it for no one other than your sister across the ocean, you can rest assured that she is oh-so-grateful. :) Really!

That photo of your kiddos on the beach might be my favorite summer photo for this year.

And you're right... the fact that Caleb is buried in sand is absolutely a miracle. I love seeing the ways that God is glorified through his life! :)