Wednesday, July 11, 2012

and the vacation posts begin.....

Way back in the beginning of June, we had the chance to go to Gatlinburg to hook up with Joe, Lisa (Chris' sister) and Jackson. It's been since Creed was born that we saw them so we were pretty excited about a couple of days to hang out!  

On the way, we had decided to stop at a Stuckeys. The kids are way into the Veggie Tales "on the road again" CD right now and at the end of the song "The bear went over the mountain" one of the characters makes a reference to Stuckeys and so Caleb was asking daily to go to Stuckeys. So, we went off in search of one!  I think Caleb was kind of disappointed when we actually got there, but we did the best we could to make it a big deal. Which basically means we bought lots of candy :)  

So, here we are at Stuckeys!

 Everyone got to pick out a treat...or two....

We then headed on to Gatliburg to hook up with the family.  We happened to eat breakfast at a pancake place right next to the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers. and would you believe, it's the only one in the world?!?  Shocking, right? We did not go in. 

After breakfast we did what most people with a bajillion kids in a tourist trap would do and went in search of a playground. It was really a great option because it gave us time to hang out with Joe and Lisa and talk and catch up while the kids played. and the weather was beautiful so that was really helpful too!!  So, here are some pictures of the kids having fun. 

and of course, we had to attempt a "cousin" picture - and were fairly successful!

The boys

The babies
 Sometimes it's hard to keep everyone focused :)

 Family Pictures!

and the reward of it all was blow pops! because how could that be bad?

We are so grateful that we had some time to hang out with Chris' family. It was so fun and something we should definitely do more often!

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