Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creed's Actual Birthday

So, since we had Creed's birthday party early, his actual birthday was much more low-key. Although he did sport his "Birthday boy" shirt all day to let people know that he was having a birthday, we pretty much just played at home all day. So, here are the things that Creed did on his actual 1st birthday :)

Played with his sister

Got plenty of chalk-intake to last him for his entire first year!

Played in the mum

Worked on Cadence's bike

Played Mr. Potato Head

Walked up the slide (he does this often)

Then that evening, before bed, we opened the last of the presents that had come in the mail for creed.

A new shirt from MiMi and PopPop

A couple new outfits from Aunt Connie!

and a super-cool new Mickey airplane from Aunt Lisa, Uncle Joe, and Jackson!

These pictures, tho Creed isn't really on the airplane much, are very true to the way things went that night. Caleb and Cadence both really enjoyed the airplane as well and so , since they're bigger, they pretty much took over the airplane :)

This picture was snapped as Caleb pushed Creed off the plane!

Creed and his ears..........I think we overwhelm him :)

Even Cadence got a turn! We then put Caleb to bed and Creed finally got some quality time with his airplane. And he loves it!

Such a happy boy on a day that makes all of us in Andersen-ville super happy!
Happy Birthday Creed!


mama said...

Our big "little" boy is growing up! Can't believe he is a year old, I will cherish the memories of my time with you following his birth, forever! Does not seem like it was a year ago :)

Elizabeth said...

1. That first photo is adorable. One day they'll both be amused to see it and remember how little they were.

2. I almost can't believe that you let Cred eat chalk.

3. I love his shiny-blonde-bald head.

4. How is it possible that he's big enough to climb a slide? And with cute chunky legs?

5. Hooray for really happy birthdays!

A Marilac. said...

I love kids!

Congratulations for the blog!

Bye bye!!