Friday, September 9, 2011

Caleb Shaun turns 2!

So after doing so well at being caught up with the blog, I fell off the map :( Oh well, pride does always come before a fall :) and since I know that the 3 of you who actually look at this blog want to see Creed's party, I figured that I needed to blog the rest of Caleb's first since his birthday was in August! So here it is,

We went to Fuel Pizza to celebrate his birthday with the Kales - his best friends. He loves Pizza and we love outside restaraunts, so it seemed like a good thing. I made cupcakes with Toy Story characters on them. He loves all things with characters, Veggie Tales, Toy Story, Cars, etc. So, Toy Story seemed like a good option! He was so excited for a Buzz LightYear Candle.

We did sing Happy Birthday and there is a video of it HERE! well kind of, a video of the birthday none the less :)

I love how Caleb is looking at Creed in this picture. It's hard to tell if he's impressed with Creed's eating skills or repulsed by them :)

Happy Birthday to Caleb Shaun! We're so grateful for all you've taught us in the 2 years that God has given us with you.


Elizabeth said...

What a cute boy! But what happened to his nose?!? As for his stare down of Creed, I'm thinking that Caleb Shaun is trying to figure out how he can get his brother's cupcake. ;)

mama said...

A wonderful 2 years to say the least! Couldn't be happier that God gave us the opportunity to experience Caleb Shaun! He has left his footprint on all our hearts!!