Friday, September 9, 2011

Creed Turns 1!

I know that everyone says that it's hard to believe that another whole year of life has gone by, but when I look at this little man, it really is hard to believe! It's hard to remember life before Creed or what it would be like without him. His smiles, that fact that he is the most cuddly baby I've ever known, how he watches (and imitates)his brother and sister, we're really fascinated and often over-joyed by this little miracle that God has given us.

So, to celebrate that we've sustained his life for an entire year, we threw a pirate party! We totally stole the idea from April and some of her friends who were also throwing a pirate party, but it came off pretty well for a bunch of idea-stealing amateurs :) The original plan was to have it on the lake at some friends house, but a weekend full of rain changed our plan to an inside party. So, we made due.....

Creed all dressed up in his pirate shirt from Aunt April!

The Andersen 3 chilling and watching pirate videos while we finished setting up the party.

We played "tape the eyepatch on Larry"

The thing I love most about bday parties is that it's a great opportunity to be reminded of just how much God has blessed us with our "NC family" It's slowly becoming that there are more and more Murdock/Wilson people in NC and that's great too! But out NC people have become so important to us that it's hard to imagine life without these people in it.
It was an added bonus that Lellow GiGi and Kagan's Memee were both in the state this year for the party! It's so fun to look around and see our 2 worlds (family and friends) colliding so well.
Sweet Cora Sue and big ole Garner both made it for the day too!

Present Time! Creed was not really into the present thing but we made do ;) Luckily he's cute!

I love that this picture was captured because Creed sits around holding his ears like this alot. We don't really know why, but it's kind of his "thing" So it's appropriate that he would be at his own party holding his ears. :)

and then of course there was the cake......the cake was very interesting because it didn't really go as planned and maybe that will make it into another post, but for now, Here's out little Creedster chowing down on some homemade chocolate icing.
Cocoa and confectioners sugar - a great combination for a 1 year old!

Janey enjoyed her cupcake too!

To end the party we had a Treasure Hunt. The big kids really enjoyed it and the littles just liked that they got a bag full of goodies! I'm so glad that Chris is the kind of Daddy who will act like a crazy head leading a Treasure Hunt. Our kids are so blessed!

Happy Birthday Creed! While we certainly didn't expect you, we're so glad that God has given you to us. You were a great surprise that we are grateful for every day!


mama said...

Awwww, he is one sweet boy!

This Grammie is so proud we finally got a Wilson boy who looks just like his mama! We know Chris is the cause, so to him we owe all the thanks, along with God who gives us ALL good things!

Elizabeth said...

Such a fun-photo-filled post! So glad you explained the picture of your boy and his ears. Crazy how much I miss out on knowing little things like that. I'm glad you blog and fill me in. Though Creed is beginning to have a look of his own to me, he still looks a whole lot like you... especially in some of these pictures. But that's okay because that sweet Cora Sue looks more and more like her mama too!

Elizabeth said...

Keep returning to smile at these pictures. I love your boy and all his faces. :)