Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

Snow days! 3 of them this week (so far)! With 3 kids I've decided a couple of things about snow.
1. Snow is really pretty coming down and a pain in the butt once it's on the ground
2. 3 kids and too many days inside are not fun :(
3. Daddy being home for 3 extra days is fabulous!
4. Snow is fun for a small kid for about 3 minutes and then they want inside and there is a new load of laundry to be done
5. I'm really glad to live in NC where snow comes and goes pretty quickly!

Snow Day #1 consisted of a snow man - made mostly by Chris; homemade donuts - made mostly by Ashleigh; and a gingerbread house - decorated by Cadence.


mama said...

Pretty babies, all bundled up! I love the background too, the sky is so snowy!! Best part of staying in is donuts! Homemade WOW! I'm impressed!!!

Luke & April said...

Can you please come to Florida and make me some homemade donuts!!! (After 1/31 of course :)

Elizabeth said...

That picture of Chris with his 3 cuties is frame worthy! Not only is it stinkin' cute, but it's such a unique part of North Carolina life.

You have mad doughnut skills. And your snow list makes me smile. :) You're such a mom.