Monday, December 13, 2010

it's the most busiest time or the year!

So it's been a month since we blogged and there is no excuse :) Just 3 kids and life and that isn't an excuse just our new normal. We've been to FL for Thanksgiving, Chris (quite possibly the best husband on the planet) took care of the big 2 kids for a week by himself so I could spend some time with my gran. We came home, finished and performed a church Christmas program, had 2 performances for our music lesson kids, packed and shipped most all of our Christmas stuff, and are now repacking and cleaning to head back to FL for Gran's 75th b-day celebration and Christmas!

Here are a few pictures of some of the things we've done. Although, there should be way more pics taken lately, there just haven't been - again no excuses it's just my new reality.

I love this pic - taken at my mom's house. It captures where her grandkids are at this stage of life so well.

Cadence - the really good poser for most all pictures who does anything to make yellow GiGi happy - even if the smile is fake
Caleb Shaun - one of the happiest kids on the planet
Creed - screaming again because he was woken up to be dressed in sweater pants for a picture
Jane - not really sure of what to make of the Andersen3 :)

Our 3 miracle children - I can't tell you how much gratitude wells up in me when I see the family that God has put together so perfectly for us.

We didn't have a big Christmas tree this year because Chris saw no need to put one up since we were literally here 2-3 weeks of the Christmas season. So, instead we did a little tree for each of our kids. Maybe one day I'll actually get a picture of each kid with their tree but for now, this what I had. Cadence and I decorating all 3 because the boys don't care anything about it :)

Our Creed Samuel - who basically looks more like my sister Elizabeth and Chris' sister Lisa with his coloring than he does Chris and I. We'll wait a summer and see if he darkens up!

The first snow of the season. It's snowed 2 days so far this year and I've been surprised by both of them! This day we were loading the car up to head to the church and set up for the Christmas play and all of a sudden, I took a load to the car and there was snow! I went to get Cadence (who isn't from FL and therefore not impressed by snow). She did suit up and come out for a minute and her outfit was so funny to me that I did get a picture of it. Yes those are pj's, a scarf, and her cowboy boots

I met Christa at the mall this past week to get pics of the kids with Santa at Bass Pro Shop. He wasn't there because we went in the afternoon and Santa doesn't clock in til 5. But the kids had fun regardless. We colored and played with the games set up around the Santa area. We are so grateful to the Callaways so close that we can meet up at the mall to color together.


Elizabeth said...

Love, love, love the update! And it's okay if you only post once a month... you have 3 busy kiddos!

The Wilson grandkids photo just makes me smile. Cadence's hair is beautiful in those tree decorating photos. Caleb Shaun looks so grown up sitting there coloring and Creed, well I am SO looking forward to meeting and hugging and holding and kissing him SOON.

So fun that you met the Callaways at Bass Pro! They're both getting so big.

mama said...

What a bummer - no Santa!! It looks like you had fun anyway and Adaline cracks me up hugging Creed. I know she will be the best big sister for her new baby brother! So jealous of your snow days, if it has to be cold, then I think cold deserves some snow...... Fl is so cold these days and I hate it! Come on down and bring us some sunshine! Can't wait for hugs and kisses!

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