Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food Updates

Several big food changes have happened in the Andersen house over the past couple of weeks. The first is that Creed has started eating baby food! :( this is a very mixed emotion topic in our house because as glad as we are that he is sleeping thru the night much better, once he starts eating, there's no going back on him growing up.

So, we started cereal last week 1/3/11 and he loved it! Like, cries when you take him out of the high chair - loved it. However about 3 days in, we realized that he wasn't pooping and had a very constipated little boy for about 5 days. It was pretty scary so in that time we gave him apple juice and prune juice and prunes with a spoon (that's what the pictures are of). He loves them! and now that he's going to the bathroom again, we are mixing his cereal with prune juice and he loves that too! So far our baby boy is turning out to be a super great eater.

The other big change is with Caleb Shaun. He has decided to eat! We knew that it would be one of those things where we he made up his mind, he would just start eating and it seems that his mind is being changed - one meal at a time. With Creed now in the high chair, we've moved Caleb Shaun to the booster seat by his sister. He wants his own plate and utensil and whatever we're eating on the plate. Granted, he holds the utensil in one hand and eats with the other one, but it has been so much fun to watch him practice eating at meals. This is such a huge answer to prayer! and another great part is that there seems to be no shrieking at the table. Shaunie is so much more content to be treated like a big boy.

This picture is what our meals have looked like for the past 3 days. I guess this is an upside to snow days :) Chris is home and can help me get all 3 kids to the table at the same time so that we can practice eating and table manners with our crazy boy!


mama said...

It is unbelievable to see Caleb Shaun actually eating and not blowing! YAY Can't believe Creed is big/old enough to be eating. He has grown too fast!

Elizabeth said...

Hooray for Shaunie!

And Creed...just makes me smile whenever I see him. In these pictures his eyes look like his mama's even more than normal. And I love how his little head just pokes above the tray in the picture of the 3 of them. Never a dull moment in Andersenville! :)

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