Tuesday, November 16, 2010

where have we been and what have we been doing?

Last Weekend we went to the Wake Forest/Raleigh area to hang out with my sister, Emily, and the Palahnuks. We didn't get any pictures at Emily's - where we had a yard sale in the freezing cold :) - but we did take some at KayKay's house. Everyone loved being at KayKay's. Cadence especially because Amanda and Brandy straightened her hair! It was so fun to watch her be even more prissy than normal as she tossed around her straight hair.

With both McKayla and Creed there (they're a month apart) Cadence had an extra baby to hold! I'm so glad she loves babies and is such a great big sister.

Caleb Shaun fought Jane for the barbie car and sometimes won :) He also ate Barbie pieces and tried to climb the stairs. I think he likes going to KayKay's as much as the rest of us!

What has Creed been up to? Smiling, finding his thumb, and keeping us up much later at night than we want to be up. But he's so stinkin cute that we forgive him quickly for the late nights :)

We're trying to nap Caleb Shaun in his big boy bed to get him ready for the big switch-over. It's not going well. First of all, he can finally roll over off of his back so anytime that he is on his back and wants to get up, he just rolls over and does it. This is fine in his crib but scarier on a regular bed! I heard him play the other day thru an entire piano lesson that he was supposed to be napping thru so when my student left, I went in to check on him and this is what I found. Caleb Shaun standing up - so proud of himself - holding onto the rail (that thankfully is held to the bed really well) with his diaper around his feet! He hates to wear a diaper and takes it off every chance he gets. So, I just went and got the camera and then tried again to put him to bed

With the weather being cooler, we've been using the big bath tub lots more as a way to get warm. The kids are really enjoying bathing together in it so, of course, I'll take the obligatory bath tub pictures to be used for embarrassment purposes long-term.

So, that's pretty much us lately! Life keeps going and we're adjusting more and more to 3 Andersen children.

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